Thursday, October 07, 2004

I am just about to leave to go home for Mom's surgery (which is on Monday) so I won't be blogging since she has dial-up, and everyone knows how hard it is to go from a Cable Internet to is just painful and it cause me to sin! We will also be celebrating the little girl's 5th birthdays, I can't even believe it! Every year, since their first birthdays, we have done this tradition, a birthday party at mom's. My mom gets so into it, Alyssa and Olivia get all decked out in little party dresses. The last couple years have become a little more fun since they enjoy it now, not just the adults! So, off I go, leaving poor Derek to fend for himself, poor guy marrying such a "flighty" girl. If anyone wants to say hello to the lonely guy, feel free to email him. He never gets any cool emails, just junk emails, so it would be a nice change.

I am sure I will have some great pics from the weekend, I know I will be loading new pics from September's visit, Lizzy was kind enough that when she developed the film she got the rolls on a cd for me, sweet Lizzy. So keep an eye out for it. I also hope to add to my list about me, hehe! Take care everyone, enjoy your weekend. If I am coming to your state, give my cell a know we are always busy, but maybe we could meet for coffee.

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