Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I am going to make this a little short considering the long day today~~~Mom made it through surgery with flying colors, she did so great. The cancer had penetrated her uterus pretty severely, but the good news (finally, good news!!) is that they do not believe that it spread outside the uterus but we will know for sure by Monday'ish. I have never been so petrified before in my life. I had this huge fear that something would happen during the surgery and we would loose her. I really wasn't stressed about the outcome, whether it spread or not, I just wanted her out of the surgery alive. When the Doctor came down promptly at 7:30 this evening the first thing out of mouth "Is she alive" the moment he said yes, all the stress that I had been carrying over the last week just melted away. Of course we still have the recovery to get through, it will be hard, but the worst seems to be over. Thank you everyone for your sweet phone calls and email, you just can't imagine how much it meant to me and how it lifted me. For those of you who didn't get the time, I know I was in your prayers. Please continue to lift us up as we help her recuperate. I will update more later, but for now, just know I am relieved that she made it through!

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