Saturday, August 21, 2004

Wow! I can't even believe that it has been 7 days since I lasted blogged! I really am a slacker ~ actually, I wish that was the issue. If I thought last week was tiring, this week just tipped the scales. In the last 2 weeks, I have put in 14 hours of overtime! Unbelievable. I am really hoping that I killed off enough projects so that next week I will only have 8 hour days rather than the normal 10-12 hours! The more pathetic thing is that it is only 10:30 p.m. and I am just forcing myself to stay awake right now. Come on, I didn't even work today and I am just so exhausted, this is so unfair.

This week was very uneventful, I have absolutely no cool stories, unless you find typing incomplete homestudies fascinating. So, instead in this little ditty I am going to respond to my friend Bari's entry today. So, she is very frustrated with the sizing of women's clothes and has asked for comments. Well, I would just leave one on her site, but I think my response would far exceed the maximum words that the pop-up gives you. I too find it a little frustrating that every store has a different definition of "10" ~ which is my size that I humbly admit. But of course I won't complain when I can get my over sized butt into an 8 and still have breathing room. Just the other day I was borrowing some dresses from my friend for an upcoming wedding. She gave me dresses of various sizes and brands. Now, remember, I am a size 10, no in between, right? Wrong, she gave me all size 8 dresses which all fit with extra room, I would even go as far as to say that one was to big. I had to much room in the "spot" that is always to tight! Unbelievable. As I looked through my closet I noticed that I have such a variety of sizes which all fit exactly the same. I have a skirt by Express in a size 5/6 which fits exactly the same as a size 9/10 skirt also by Express! Now, I love GAP, it is my favorite clothe store b/c they make jeans that are actually long enough and aren't ankle biters. So, they are 10's and fit great, but yet I have a denim skirt size 10 that I swim in by the end of the day. Now, my favorite store for a good self esteem boost is New York & Co. There clothes are cut a little big which means you can wear a smaller size. SO, Bari, I understand your frustration and it at times is shocking. But for a girl with Italian genes which gave a little to much in the "truck" it feels so great to be able to fit into a 8, even if it is a lie.

Well, this weekend will be restful, as much as possible. Derek and I head to NYC next weekend for my cousin's wedding, it will be a big shing ding. My sis Jenn and my bro-in-law Tom will be there and my Dad and Pam (who I haven't seen since March!). I am very excited about it b/c I love these dress up type of things. It should result in some great pics for the site and for my scrapbook. But it will be very tiring, so I need to stock up on rest. I think Derek and I will just relax tomorrow and get some good couple time in. We both have either been sick or exhausted recently so we've really haven't gone out much. I am going to be adding some more card pics for those of you who still are not convinced of my new found talents, so check those out. And remember to check back for new pics and updates!! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!

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