Friday, August 13, 2004

I am so glad that today is Friday ~~ I had such a hectic week at work, staying late 3 of 4 days. Many deadlines and numerous fires to put out. But, it is over, and I can finally catch up on those pesky tasks that have been just waiting for attention. Last night was a great way to start my weekend. My friend and her husband had Derek and I over for dinner in return for Derek networking their computers. It was such a great evening with Maryann, Ed, Victoria and baby Elijah. She has such a wonderful family and extremely well behaved children ~~ it's amazing what a little discipline and consistency can do! We ended up staying until 10:00 pm just chit chatting. Maryann has become a surrogate big sister to me here in New York. She is very up front and will tell not sugar coat things, which I need. She was there for me when I became extremely homesick and got caught in the rut of complaining. I will never forget over lunch one day as I was complaining to her how I don't have a life or friends here, she plainly said "Well, what are you doing to fix that". Which ofcourse I responded "nothing!" ~ "Than that's your fault, get involved in something" And sure enough, I did. The next Sunday I went to church and signed up for a women's bible study where I met my good friend Christy. The rest has been smooth sailing since. I do thank God for sending me the right friends at just the right time!

Today I have added to my blog a link to the cards that I have made. Check it out, and if you want to order any, I would be more than happy to oblige. I have so many random cards just sitting around b/c I just love making them. I now need someone to make them for! So, don't be shy!

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