Thursday, July 15, 2004

How many maintenance men does it take to fix 1 A/C unit??

How many maintenance men does it take to fix 1 A/C unit??

It turns out it takes 3 men to sit around while you tell them that it is the compressor over and over again!! Until finally after 3 days they say "Yep, turns out it is the Compressor"! Isn't that what we told you on Saturday?

Well, hallelujah, we got our air conditioning fixed, FINALLY!! Of course it only took 3 full days of babysitting the maintenance guy and numerous calls to the office, but they finally got on the ball and did their job! Derek and I are extremely wiped out from 6 days of total humidity. I feel a little like a wimp though because when people have found out that our A/C is broken they quickly point out how they do not have Central Air at all ~ ~ okay, so what, I guess I am a wimp, but do they also realize that we live in a one bedroom apartment with only 2 windows and no ceiling fans?!?!? Well, at least it is over with, Derek and I slept like rocks last night and am sure we will be just relaxing this weekend.

On a sad note, my poor Dad lost his dear cat of 17 years. Cecil (aka Mr. B, Cecil B. De Cat) died 2 years later than his vet thought he would. Dad is obviously sad, that was his buddy. So, whenever I figure out how to link email address, you can email him your condolences ~~ Check back later for that!

On a much happier note, today my friend Heather is now 35 weeks pregnant!! Go Heather!! After loosing her son Garrett, born at 29 weeks, please (continue) to pray for her that she will be able to go full term with this little one, or atleast be able to wait another week. They say at 36 weeks they will take her off the meds that are preventing her from going into labor! I will keep everyone posted on her progress.

Today Jenn and Liz, with all kids in tow, are traveling to Virginia ~~ Liz traveling up from Tennessee and Jenn traveling down from Ohio ~~ for their Annual 2 week summer visits to Mom's. I am so jealous that they will all be together tonight, I am sure I will be missing some great shopping excursions. But, I will their in less that a week!

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