Friday, July 16, 2004

Happy Birthday Jake! Today, 7 years ago Jacob Thomas Keim was born to my sister Jenn and her husband Tom in Cleveland, Ohio.  He was their first child and to date their only son.  He is also Anthony James best friend.  Thank goodness he was a boy because there has been nothing but girls ever since.  Can you imagine if he was born Julia Renee Keim, poor Anthony would have been surrounded by all females.  But God knew what he was doing by giving you a boy Jenn! Our lives are much richer with 2 little boys.  To Jacob, sweet baby boy, I remember the day you made your appearance into this world.  After hours of playing Uno with Pop-Pop and Aunt Liz, we thought you would never come! But in the wee hours of night, after much work from you Mommy, you finally decided to enter our lives.  I love you as much as an Aunt can possibly love her nephew.  I wish that I could be there with you today at Mamamaw's.  So here is a little slideshow that I put together for you. I hope you enjoy it!! 

Make sure everyone checks out the pictures that I added today! I was off all day today, my typical Friday off, and woke up with a slight tempature so I spent the day doing odds and ends.  I hopefully will get more added this weekend, so keep on checking back.  Unfortunately we don't have a great digital camera so right now everything is film and I have to take each individual picture and scan it then download it.  Oh well, it makes me feel good to know that I am atleast supporting Kodak employees!! If anyone has a better idea that would save me some time, other than purchase a better digital camera, I will be open to your advice (as long as it doesn't cost a fortune!).

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