Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So you know what I hate the most about this whole parenting gig?

Potty Training.

This is the part of the show where, for the only single time ever in the 24 months of parenting, I wish my child was in daycare to let them handle it.

I hate potty training and believe it's yet another curse God put on us thanks to good ole' Adam and Eve. Ha! You thought labor was bad, try convincing a strong willed almost 2 year old to put pee-pee in the damn potty already.

Do you know clean my sinks are right now? They sparkle, I can almost see my damn reflection because we spend so much time in the bathroom. I'm starting to forget what daylight looks like. But hey, at least I'm getting my Christmas cards done but please excuse me if you have some toilet tissue stuck to yours, it's the potty chairs fault.

Camille is doing what is expected of a strong willed 2 year old when it comes to the potty. Today we finally saw some progress as she peed for what felt like 3 hours because she still hasn't caught onto emptying the bladder. Instead she goes a little, gets all proud of herself and jumps up to see her accomplishment. Well, she did that up until 5:30 pm when I left for my aerobics class and D was now in charge of a potty training, no nap today almost 2 year old. She peed, oh yes, she peed, but all over the couch, the carpet and then proclaimed that pee-pee belongs in the potty not the couch.

Thanks Camille, you have such insight.

From 9 am up until naptime at 2 pm today she did great. She was the golden toddler of potty training. I was feeling hopeful that we were almost sorta there. But now I'm nervous about tomorrow and coming up with a logical reason as to why in 2 short hours she regressed already. For now I'm blaming day 2 of no naps because Mama has been to damn tired to make her nap and am just thankful she's quietly playing in her room.

Oh dear God I hope that's the reason.

Did I mention how much I hate potty training?


P.S. I'm wondering how many pervs will be googling this site with all the "pee" words in it now?!

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