Saturday, December 01, 2007

FFG Alert

Baby Jordan has been born!! Go to FFG's site for details!!
If you know me well, you know that I don't answer call waiting when I'm on the other line. It's a phobia really, I don't like answering the phone unless I know who's calling. I blame it on caller id, whom I can't live without but have to when it comes to call waiting because the phone company has found yet another way to leech more money out of us and charge us more than I want to pay for this little service. Instead I rely solely on *69, which yes, I know cost money, but believe it or not, for as much as I use it, it is still cheaper than being leeched.

My point?

Oh yes, that.

I like to know who's calling, so when I get a strange number I tend to research it, especially when it's from an area code I don't recognize, like, let's say Texas. Who do I possibly know in Texas?

Hmmmmmm.....light bulb, light bulb, wait for it, it will go off for me eventually.

So yes, I received a call last night from my lovely and oh so sweet cousin (in-law) and your fearless blogger FFG alerting me that she had been having cramping all day yesterday, and based on the ultrasound at her doctor's, she was 3cm dilated so off to the hospital she went. This morning they checked her and from my last conversation with her, they suspected that Jordan was weighing a healthy 7lbs. and was not about to stay in for another week! She would have been 36 weeks on Monday, but based on her latest text message, he should be here before then because they broke her water early this afternoon. She has received 2 shots of steroids for his lungs, so I'm pretty confident that Mama and Baby should be a-okay.

That's all I know for now. But trust me, I'm dying to call but am positive a ringing phone would not appreciated at this point so you'll just have to wait along with me!!

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