Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It's not like I intentionally don't tell you people things. It just happens; time starts slipping way, updating moves further and further down the proverbial, ongoing "to-do" list and the next thing I know I feel like I'm withholding vital information from you. I was all "Hey look, I'm pregnant" and then I disappear like in the good ole days when Mom's would send their daughters away for 9 months and then they would magically reappear. And then there's that other little child of mine that has almost been forgotten about here and you all start to wonder if I am staying at home to care for the cat and just the cat.

I have a great excuse though:

Our computer is fried. So fried that even our brilliant computer tech friend couldn't get it to work, and if he can't fix it, ain't no one can fix it. A new thingy mabobby will cost over $100 so D contemplates whether we should spend the $100 on that or save it for doing other things, like possibly putting a floor down in the basement, we are frivolous. In the meantime, while he hums and haaaas we are sharing the laptop, my laptop, or the laptop that was D's until I busted mine and then immediately put claim on his. It's mine. But we're sharing it and it's been good for us because I actually see my husband in the evenings after the child goes to sleep. I'd prefer for the desktop to not ever get fixed but I know it will have to because there is only so much of sports one female should be expected to watch.

But, my withholding, oh my, it's good.

Let's start with the eldest child:

Two or so weeks ago (I know, I know, this should've been posted that long ago) D and I sat one Saturday afternoon during Camille's nap discussing the dilemna that was the crib. Do we buy a new one for Camille? Do we put the old one in her new room and just keep Bean in the Pack n' Play? Oh the choices that needed to be made that actually, about on hour later was being made for us. D went in to release Camille from nap and found her with one leg in and one leg out. For the next 24 hours this how we would find her each and everytime she had been put into her crib. So, that was that. A toddler bed came up on Craigslist, we snatched it and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

See, Camille has fought be on every single developmental milestone she was to reach. Tummy time? Screamed through it. Bottles to cups? Refused. Formula to Milk? Didn't drink for days. Walking? Not for her. You can see how I was not looking forward to this one. Apparently Camille felt bad for me and cut me a break because she LOVES her bed and she HATES the threat of toys* being taken out of her room if she gets out of bed, especially when I follow through and actually remove them for a day. So it's been good and she is darndest cutest girl out there, hands down.

Secondly, and this post is way longer than I had planned:

We got the BIG ultrasound yesterday and I might possibly know what I'm having but I'll post that later** today because, really, is anyone still reading?

*by toys, I mean a basket of hats and a basket of shoes
** simmer down, the post has already been written so all I'll is sit down later on and click "Publish" only after I feel like I have your attention

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