Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Amazingly Lame

(for those of you looking for Bean, scroll down, I have explained)

I'm absolutely embarrassed that it has taken me over 2 weeks to sit my butt down and write this post. I could list a bunch of amazing excuses but I respect the degree of all your intelligence and know you will see through it and recognize it for what it is: A load of crap, just stupid excuses.

But because human nature tends to then kick in, I will at least attempt to defend myself, not to be mistaken with amazing lame excuses.

This pregnancy has eaten my brain. I am unable to put together anything that sounds less than a kindergarten level thought. I've also had a amazing amount of things on my mind that I have refrained from discussing here and recently it has consumed my computer time and if you know me in real life, you are beginning to avoid me because you are just as sick and tired of hearing about it as I have been discussing it. But luckily for me things have a way of working themselves out, well, almost, and I will no longer be boring you real life people with the gruesome details, you are certainly welcomed.

So, how's that amazing lame excuse working for you? Did you like it?

Oh, and one thing, I seriously, seriously keep forgetting I'm pregnant. What's going to happen when this child is born? Will I just walk out the house with Camille in tow and completely forget that the Bean has been born?

Yes, we have named this one the Bean. And please let me say that the Bean is quite the little fetus and I immediately saw difference in my children at that ultrasound. Camille's first ultrasound was quite the bore. She did exactly what a 9 week fetus does, she sat and did absolutely nothing, nada. But Bean? Oh, Bean was in there waving at me and kicking Beans feet having a good ole' time. I'm really hoping that this means that Bean will go more with my agenda than his/her own. And just for the record, I think Bean will be a he only because the way Bean acted at the ultrasound, reminded me of D. Sorta laid back and friendly, unlike me, uptight and bitchy.

So, without further ado, I introduce you to Bean.

(well, apparently Blogger does not like the picture of Bean. But Flickr did and it's up. I'm not going to link to it because I'm to lazy so drag your little mouse over the left sidebar and click away. While you're at, adore the pics of my absolutely gorgeous daughter)

(also, it should be noted that I have not proof read this, sorry, but I barely have had the time to even write this)

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