Thursday, March 29, 2007

Deep Deep Love

People, it's not you, it's me, really.

And due to my deep admiration for each of you is the exact reason why I decided to take this sabbatical. Do you know how unfair it is for you to come and expect a post and all you find is last week's post all stale and rotting. This poor site just sits like a cast away toy covered in dust looking pathetically at all the other sites who's owners actually make time for them.

So very sad.

As were your emails, damn, you guys love me, you really love me but your emails just made me feel horrible and then I thought about how I would feel if you or you or you would have said bye bye until Fall and I would have at least asked if you could just check in once and a while for goodness sakes.



I won't shut down shop completely, okay? I'll check in once and a while.

I'm busy though.

The sun started shining in Antarctica and I find myself letting the wee one out of her crib early after naps and going for nice long walks.

And now apparently I got roped into volunteering for two, count them, TWO different things.

But, tomorrow, as a added bonus, I will give you the site you are to indulge yourself in until my next post. So see, already, 2 post in 1 week on a site that was supposed to be on sabbatical. That my friends is love, deep deep love.

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