Thursday, January 11, 2007



Very, very unproductive.

After weeks of pushing ourselves between buying a house to repairing a house, moving into a house to having numerous guest in and out the house, I can honestly say that we are wiped out.

Oh there is a ton to be done still.

We need to finish painting the bathroom; make the spare bedroom look more like a bedroom than a construction area; debox the basement.

But what do we do instead after Camille is sound to sleep? Sit on the couch and think about all the things we should be doing all the while I mentally beat myself up for not moving off my big fat butt. D, he's not so beating himself up, he's not OCD likes yours truly. He knows how to relax. Not me though. I was raised by parentals who believe laziness is the root of all evil. I have accomplished one thing though: I've sold, sold, sold on eBay but sadly I see it becoming a addiction as I walked around the house today finding things to sell. Finding things to sell. I don't necessarily have things I want to sell instead I'm just picking random things up that I'm tired of looking at and contemplating putting them up on eBay. How much do you think I can get for a 16 lb. cat that sorta resembles a Puma?

And in my unproductive, random selling state, I decided to switch Camille from formula to whole milk. She had her 1 year appointment a week ago and the doctor talked like it would be nothing to do. Just switch her, go cold turkey they said, so I did. That hasn't worked out so well for me and now that I think of it could be one of the factors to my unproductive mentality at the moment. Let's just say, Camille likes her formula. She's a creature of habit and was not thrilled to learn we threw yet another curve ball into her perfectly planned out 12 month old world. As a good friend pointed out to me today, she's just not up for another change at the moment.

I think that friend is right on the dot with that one because today I threw in the towel and went back to 100% formula bottles and her attitude improved immediately and I didn't find myself once about to list her on eBay and that makes for a good day. I was worried there for a moment because Monday - Wednesday was whinefest around here and not the kind of whine you have with cheese my friends. Not the kind of whine that knocks Mama out on the couch for the evening but the kind of whine that makes a Mama want to be knocked out. During the blissful 3 days Camille refused to partake of any type of beverage as the both the bottle and her cup betrayed. For 3 days she would cry for either one, once it hit her lips she would bite it, taste what was in it and then reject it. This morning she was glad to know that her bottle contained absolutely no contraband. It made for a good day. Well, it made for a good day, but not a fun evening. Do you know what happens to 12 month olds who don't drink anything for 3 days? Well, I'll give you hint: You save a lot on diapers because they just aren't used that often.

So whip out the prune juice and bottle of Chardonnay (for me, not her) (the Chardonnay) (the prune juice is for her) it's gonna be a few days!

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