Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I need to let off a little steam because I can't call anyone because I'm sitting her impatiently waiting for the damn phone to ring to let me know if closing will be at 9 am Thursday or God knows what time Friday or will it even be anytime this week. I've exhausted every phone number I could call who would possibly know the answer to my burning question and if we DO close on Thursday at 9 am I only have 24 hours to change our home owner insurance letter and DARNIT TO HECK I want to close on Thursday because do you want to really see what I'm facing?

I need as much time as possible to get in there and paint to so I can get the heck out of this sardine can because, Oh my good gosh the elephants in the apartment above us were totally having a parade last night and I just can't take it any longer. And let me also mention that if we close Thursday D's parents will come tomorrow evening which is GREAT because, hahaha, the baby is SICK...AGAIN! Oh, the cat is also sick because obviously he was feeling a little neglected.

Who knew it was going to be this freakin' stressful trying to close this far after Thanksgiving and this close to Christmas? Hell, who in their right mind would even try? Me, that's who.

Maybe later I'll post something more intelligible.

Or maybe this is as intelligible as I get these days.

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