Sunday, October 29, 2006


It's been a very strange turn of events around here in Woodchuck land.

Yes, strange but at the same time amazing.

Do any of you realize that this time last month D was out of a job and now, less than 30 days later he has a rewarding career again and we are (almost) homeowners.

You read that right my friends! On Friday D and I signed the contracts agreeing to a counter bid therefore buying our very first home. And since we're on the subject of "this time last....", well, last Sunday I drove by this home with D and the two of us came home dreaming about if this house became our home. Never did I think that God would work it that we could actually afford it.

Do any of you believe in divine intervention? Well, I do and this here just furthers my belief in God because we so should not be able to afford this house in this location. There is no home in this area that is priced below 200K, none at all. But here sat a little house, that actually isn't that little, nuzzled in a ideal neighborhood just waiting for us. The sellers had rejected 5 bids up to this point, ours would be the 6th bid and the bid that would make them counter bid at their rock bottom price, 15K below asking price. Now, the house, it needs a little love in the form of paint and fixtures and door knobs but it's the attention that we are willing and able to give.

And you will be able to read all about this journey each and every day because in a sleep deprived state I committed myself to participate in this: NaBloPoMo

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