Friday, September 15, 2006


Did I or did I not tell you I was going to be a wee bit late today?

See, I tell no lies. It's not like I actually had lunch today so it's fair, really.

I'm sad and really I know why and no one else does but that is okay because it's my fault for not wanting to share with people why I'm sad. But I am.

And, I also want D to go back to work. Yes yes, job offer came but still no start date and do you know what that means? I'm sure you do because you are a very very smart group of people but just in case you've had a long week and just not in the mood to put on your thinking caps I'll be more than gracious to tell you: No job, no paycheck. No paycheck, no pay the rent. No the pay the rent, no place to live.

You get the point, right? You can't squeeze blood from a rock folks but you can swallow your pride and accept help from kind family members. However, I still feel guilty going out to buy shoes for my daughter who can't even walk but kicks off her socks so that is why she needs the shoes. So she can't kick off the socks, duh! But, damn, I feel guilt. And I feel sad for everything that has gotten us here and oh crap, now I'm thinking and I've kept myself super busy today so I wouldn't go thinking again. I just want it to be over and have D go back to work and then I can almost pretend this was just some really bad dream but I pinched myself and woke up and breathed a big sigh of relief. Because, it's over.

But, it's not really over. It won't be over until we have a paycheck again.

Like I said, I'm sad and I didn't eat lunch today. Sometimes when I'm sad I loose my appetite. And I loose my attention span therefore leading into my main point: I did not find any new sites this week but before you stop being my friend, I will tell you this: It is a good thing you'll not have a new site to read because I want each and everyone of you to pop on over to Preemiehood and give a huge congrats to Elizabeth. See, she gave birth to a precious little boy last October. He was born early and lived for 6 months. Just when he was about to go home, he took a turn for the worse and passed away. All the while though, Elizabeth was pregnant with her second child, another son. It was a long and painful pregnancy ending up with her in bedrest. But, by the grace of God, on Monday, September, 11, a day of mourning for most will now be a day of rejoicing for some because Elizabeth gave birth to another beautiful little boy which they named Nolan. It has not even been a year since she gave birth to and lost her first son and has now become a Mommy again. So, let's give her some love.

Happy weekend.

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