Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I'm still a little hesitant about posting the nitty gritty about my life seeing that my site was being viewed by people I never invited in. I'm pretty sure it's safe for me to come back out and play, but right now I'm just going to hang low for another day or two and keep an eye on the IP address. But, I must say, all you guys just melt my heart. I was a little nervous that I would loose you, yeah, I guess I didn't give you all enough credit.

I'll be back on Friday but until then, here's a thought for you:

How is that the Super Dome in New Orleans has been fixed and spruced up and all ready for the game on Monday night but yet there are still way to many people living in trailers just waiting to have their homes repaired?

Is it that obvious that football is much more important than the people of New Orleans?

Talk amongst yourself.

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