Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Okay, I've gotta make this quick quick quick. Camille is tearing apart a shoe box as we speak and at the moment she is pretty safe but I think she just might discover the rubber bands (why on earth they are in a shoe box I do not know) so my time is running out.

But, I thought I should answer Hoosergirl5's question of where so I've run, okay maybe snuck to the computer.

I left!

I am not home!

I just ran!

But, I will not tell you where I am instead I'll just post pictures instead (in just one minute, I've got to go track down the camera) and make it into a Where's Waldo game but with a Princess twist. And if you knew where I was before this post, don't ruin my little game..it's all I got this week until Friday.

And before I forget, you guys rock. All the love you sent over to Heels, well, it just makes me so proud.

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