Friday, August 04, 2006


Don't you just hate it when you make plans with someone and then they're late and just never call so you find yourself just sitting there, waiting, and waiting, and waiting. And then, when they do show up they look all winded and have this great excuse but you know for a fact that they really didn't get caught in traffic because they live less than a mile from the restaurant.

I just HATE it when people do that!

So, I tried to call but I didn't have any of your phone numbers, and I needed to cancel for lunch today and was wondering if instead of Lunch on Fridays if we could do Cocktails on Friday? Really it would much more blogs mix with a little alcohol, how could you go wrong?

Tonights Cocktail on Friday will be hosted by a blog that came highly recommended by one of my (many) favorite readers who, by the way, is one of the popular kids. However, she is one of those popular kids who will wave at you in the hallway. She actually acknowledges each of her readers if they leave a comment by emailing them individually. Isn't that awesome? And her daughter Mia is just full of cuteness and I really only go over there to marvel at her amazing masterpiece.

Beth was kind of enough to point me in the directions of a little blog called Heels. Heels is a new Mama of a little 9 month old baby boy named Cole. She is clever and funny. Her son is cute and she is so going to be one of the popular kids soon so let's scoop her up before they can take her away from us.

Now go people and read. And please please leave her a comment. Her comment section is lonely, so let's give her some Princess and Johnsy love.

Have another Martini by the way, on me!

Sorry for being late!

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