Friday, July 07, 2006


Everywhere I look, everyone I talk too, heck, even every blog I read is all about vacation.

Everyone is taking a vacation somewhere.

Except Us.

Oh, how we need a vacation but a vacation is just not a possibility right now.

Things here aren't great, they're not horrible, just not where we need them to be right now. I've been dealing quite fine for the past week now but today? Today I am just not finding the patience or the emotional strength to be optimistic.

I know things will work out. I know we won't be doomed but right now it's just very unsettling and uncomfortable. I don't know where or when we are supposed to land. I want to be grounded. I want a big ole' arrow to come down from the sky and just point us the right direction. What I want is unrealistic so here I sit. Frustrated.

And talking about it just makes it worse because there is nothing to say to make it better. Trust me, I've tried the talking route. I just got off the phone with D and now instead of feeling better I have a headache.

I'm going to go ram my head against the wall now.

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