Saturday, May 13, 2006

People Watching

It's very strange, this internet world we have here. I am lurker to many other peoples website, as many of you are to mine. When I can't sleep at night, I find myself browsing through links in hopes of finding a interesting site to read.

I love people watching. You can drop me off in a crowded area and I would be content just sitting. When traveling, and I have a lay over, I'm not to upset, as long as the airport is busy. I can entertain myself for an hour or two just watching.

That's how it is with these sites.

You go. You read. You people watch.

Some of the stories are funny and you find yourself laughing out loud. Some of the stories have familiar rings to them and you realize that you might not be the only one who has a strange obsession with cleanliness. But then some stories are sad. Some of the stories will never have a happy ending.

Cancer, Baby died yesterday morning.

I never knew her, but I knew her. I had read her story, followed her journey. And now her story has ended.

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