Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rescue Me


I can't move.

At all.

My back snapped.

It snapped while I was picking up Camille.

This is percisely why I hate not having any family close by to call. Yes, I have friends, but no one who can drop their world and run to my aide as I lay helplessly with my baby in my arms. Thank goodness I was able to track down D, he was 40 minutes away but jumped in his car immediately when he found out and rescued me. Well, techinically he rescued Camille. Momma isn't as fun when she can't move and babies get sick of laying in the same spot for 40 minutes. So here I sit. I should be on my way to PA right now so I can then go to DC to visit my Mom. Tomorrow should be fun. D at work, me at home. Alone. Let's hope Camille learns how to walk and fend for herself in the next 14 hours.

I'll make a deal with you internet:

The first person to leave a comment gets to fly to NY and come take care of Camille tomorrow.

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