Saturday, March 04, 2006

Good Stuff

My lovey, she's getting so big and developing so quickly I can't keep up anymore. I caught her grabbing a toy while playing under her baby gym and her newest trick? Kicking her blanket hard enough that we find it closer to her face than her feet. She thinks it's funny, I am not finding as much humor in this as she is. And the cooing, loving that.

However, she has acquired a flare for the dramatic and has begun to arch her back when I've angered her. And what angers her the most? Making her wait 2 hours and 1 minute for her bottle, taking away the bottle to her burp her, and everything that has to do with the carseat, she's so not into that. Her newest petpeeve, which I'm slowly beginning to look forward to each day (sense the hint of sarcasm here) is sleep. Oh how my girl loves to fight her sleep. Tired? Don't sleep, scream because you're so tired and while you're being rocked? Arch that back and kick your legs while screaming, no make that screeching in your Momma's ear, now that is the good stuff.

Life here is falling into a nice routine, it might change a little each day, but I'm able to predict how it will go each morning. And she's begun to actually sleep in her crib for an hour at a time compared to her only sleeping in the swing. She used to detest the crib, it was her enemy and I out of desperation would give in and let her sleep in her swing. But now that we had the night time routine down I knew it was time to tackle the crib.

My confidence that was shakey on Friday has become a little more solid again. I have reminded myself that ignorance is bliss and have stopped doing research all together on this pumping/weight gain thing. As it is, I'm doing this whole pumping thing incorrectly, but am getting the same results if I was doing it the "right way" based on the literature I've read. I shouldn't have such a large milk supply because I don't have Camille nursing nor do I pump 8 times a day. People who are pumping like me says I shouldn't get anymore than 8 oz. a day but I shock them when I inform them that I indeed get 26-27 oz. a day with only 4-5 sessions. And I know she's growing. And I know she's getting calories. She is not failure to thrive, she's busting out of all of her clothes and as you can see from reading here, she's developing at a normal rate for the typical 2 month old. The nurse at her doc's office told me not to worry, so I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to do what I've done for the past 9 1/2 weeks, go with my Mommy instinct, it hasn't let me down so far.

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