Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Once upon a time

There used to be a time (approximately 5 weeks ago) where I took the shower for granted. I would pull myself out of bed and meander into the bathroom cursing the whole way because I've had to wake up at 8:00 a.m. after only sleeping for, um, 8 full hours, knowing that I could have had another fifteen minutes of sleep if I would only become a night time shower type of person. Ahhh, the good ole days. Now? There is a daily competition between clean hair and clean clothes. On most days the clean clothes win because considering half my wardrobe is covered in spit up, leaving the house shirtless is just not an option. I would love to be able to do both but unfortunately my new employer refuses to sleep and insists on being held through out the entire day and if you attempt to put her down for just a minute to do selfish things such as pee, she quickly reverts into her split personality which is NOT pretty.

It's amazing that how in 5 short weeks all my priorities have shifted and my obsessive compulsiveness has had no other choice than to take a backseat for the moment. I can no longer vacuum and mop the floors daily nor can I clean the bathroom twice a day. And my strict rule that the counters and sink be cleared before going to bed every night? Well, let's just say we're running out of clean spoons.

So yes, life here in Princess and Johnsy land has made a dramatic turn which I am daily learning to accept. Yesterday I vacuumed the entire apartment and even mopped the floors. Typically my cleaning spree's would last for at least 2 hours. Yesterday I felt so relieved to have an entire half hour. But would I press rewind and go back in time, let's say 5 weeks? Only if Camille was still promised to be there. This is hard, it's stressful but there are days it was well worth it.

As of yesterdays doctor's appointment, Camille is now 11lbs. and 22 inches long. She has gained basically 1 1/2 pounds and grown 1 inch since her birth. It is so rewarding to know that it's because of me that this child is growing. All this pumping that I do each day is actually working. She is growing and I'm solely responsible for that. Talk about payoff for a control freak!

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