Saturday, December 24, 2005

Staying Pregnant 'til 2006

I know you're asking yourself where the heck have I been. And maybe even thinking that I might have possibly gone into labor and have had the baby and have been home in complete new motherhood bliss and forgot to tell you. Well, as it turns out I've just been delirious with sheer boredom that the pains of laziness have crept in as I sit on the couch watching Maury with intermittent periods of complete OCD as I search for something, anything to clean or organize followed by episodes of exhaustion and I crash and sleep for a good hour or so. That has been my life and will continue to be so until my body decides to kick into gear and deliver this baby. I find it quite comical that just 35 weeks ago I was doing everything I could to will my body to just keep this pregnancy. Now it has grown so accustomed to being pregnant that it has plans on staying this way forever. Even if forever means staying that way until 2006 which I said jokingly last week but am now realizing that it could be a possibility. At the last doctor's appointment we had an ultrasound which showed no increase weight gain, plenty of amniotic fluid and a beautiful functioning placenta. Meaning? There is no need to induce based on medical necessity at this time. And it also revealed that they all feel like yesterday, December 23 is a more accurate due date which I understand but I just wish I we came to that conclusion weeks ago. But I guess that's what happens when you get pregnant immediately following a miscarriage, my doctor still is amazed.

Since my body is giving me no signs that it's ready to deliver a baby, I'm going to do my best and wait without begging and pleading for a induction. I would prefer no intervention and allow my body to start when it's ready. I can't say I'll be strong enough to give it the full 2 weeks, but I'm willing to give it until next Wednesday, my next prenatal appointment.

I would leave you instead with the newest ultrasound pic of my daughter with her nose in the air, but that would require getting off the couch, something I can't do right now but will post it soon, it'll be a early Christmas present!

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