Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Exactly how many post, with how many different words can I make to tell all of you how I have still not had the baby? And yet an even more, how do I now explain to you that I will most likely be staying pregnant until at least 2006 because after today's doctors appointment and after 2 days of braxton hicks? There has not been any change. I was hoping to hear, just possibly that I was at least 3 cm dilated. My doctor said he would strip my membranes today. It did not sound like a fun procedure but the fact that the light at the end of the uncomfortable tunnel could end with going into labor, I was willing and able. Sadly for me, he could not do it. Apparently when you aren't even 1 cm dilated it's hard for them to do this. You have to be at least 2 cm. And to add insult to injury we haven't dropped yet, meaning if he would induce me today, I would most likely sit in labor until 2006. So, the new plan is to go back on Thursday for an ultrasound to see how much she has gained in ten days. If she is weighing in as moose status we will have to talk about forcing her out or quite possibly a c-section. I guess if she hasn't gained a ton, he'll let me go through Christmas. I never expected to be pregnant on Christmas. Or to be in New York on Christmas for that matter. But as my friend Heather pointed out, it could be worse. I could be 27 weeks pregnant giving birth. Or, to even go further with that thought, I could be 27 weeks along trying to just stay pregnant. Instead I'm here griping about being too pregnant, something I know that many women would trade me for this instant. So yes, it could be worse.

And would it be so awful to wake up Christmas morning laying next to my best friend? Clearly I need to stop complaining.

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