Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Break ups to make ups

Blogger was very mean to me this weekend. I had composed an absolutely perfect post on Saturday, went to publish it and it disappeared. I've been so pissed off that I've refused to play with Blogger since. Right now we're on a touch and go basis. If anyone is upset that there's been no update or a great story (with pics) about my completely awesome surprise baby shower please take it out on Blogger.

Yes, you did read the above right....there was a surprise baby shower just for me, me, me! I loved it! I've never ever had anyone in my life throw me a party. The last party that I was the focus of was when I was 16. Here's me, all surprised. Can't you tell, as I brushed my out of control hasn't been cut for 6 months hair out of my face, with my amazing, and truly loving friend who threw the whole thing together for me:

It was great. My Dad's wife and my sister traveled up for the surprise, all my close NY friends came and my out of town friends even mailed gifts up before hand. I just loved every moment of it, and the cake that my sister made just made this pregnant girls heart melt, I mean, it was cake all for me!

Well, the original post was witty, but I'm out of witty for the time being. I'm 39 weeks pregnant with what the ultrasound says is a 8lb. 6oz. baby who, by yesterdays check, has no intention of coming anytime soon. Thank goodness for her sake that she's adorable because if she wasn't? She'd so be put in time out immediately following her birth.

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