Monday, October 03, 2005



So, I told D about the car. He insist that he's not upset. It was an accident.

As of 3:40 he has not actually viewed the major imperfection that we shall describe as bright yellow paint on a shiny black bumper with a broken side reflector.

As far as a lunch break today? Refused to leave because my luck right now is worse than the one legged dog. Poor Camille will have to just feast off of water and graham crackers.

Let's just call this "Emily and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day".

I'd rather not list my ongoing bad luck that has been occuring for the past 24 hours because come 4:30 when I get home and D actually sees the damage? I don't think he'll be as calm and list will just grow longer.


Anyone willing to help a girl on the run, anyone? Please?

I hit a pole a today. I hit a pole today with D's car. The car which D loves. The same car that, when we drive it any where he parks it at the back of the parking lot so it won't get dinged. When we walk back to the car he does a walk through to make sure it didn't get dinged. And I? I totally dinged it. Did I mention that when I brought it back from P.A. last night there was an imperfection that wasn't there when I left on Thursday? And did I mention when I told him about this new imperfection he dropped everything and ran out to console his favorite car? And now? 1 minor imperfection and 1 major imperfection in less then 24 hours.

I am running folks. I'm a pregnant girl on the run. In my defense? I begged him to NOT make me drive his car. But this weekend he insisted because the tires on my car are old. And then when I returned the car with an imperfection he insisted I drive it again so that the little light that now hangs from it's notch won't fall off during his commute. Now I've really done it. Hit a damn pole.....please hide me.

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