Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Re-balancing Act

There has been a lot of re-balancing here in the Princess household. Yes, we got a kitty. And yes the security deposit for said kitty goes against every grain of this penny pinchers body. But, there comes a time when I have to not be so frugal. Last week my kitty of 15 years died. I realize that is an old age for a kitty, and I thought because of that I wouldn't be so heart broken. I was obviously wrong. The poor guy got sick 2 weekends ago but it seemed as if he was going to pull through. He lived in D.C. with my mom because, well as stated above, it was to pricey to bring him here and he was an outdoor cat living in a big Colonial. I felt it was inhumane to put him into a 1 bedroom apartment at the time. Anyway, D and I were pretty excited because since my Mom was going out of town, she was going to bring the kitty to my sister's where I was to pick him and bring him up here. When I found out he died, I was sad, shocked and a little shaken up, which is to be expected. But what surprised me even more was that the next morning I actually woke up crying. And that evening while laying on the couch relaxing, I caught myself crying again....over a furry little animal. I guess it turns out that I do have a heart. So to ease the pain just a little, we went out got Penny. Who I must admit I didn't even like that much for the first couple days. Strangely enough it made me miss my old kitty even more. But no worries, kitty and I have bonded now. See what happens when you pregnant people? You get all sappy and emotional. Craziness I tell you.

During all this chaos: the kitty dying, the new kitty adjusting, Jenn moving stomach has taken on a more beach ball shape.

I went from having a nice slope to my stomach to my newly formed shelf which is very convenient while sitting on the couch with my bottle of water. I am able to eBay, control the remote for the T.V. and play with he kitty all at the same time thanks to the shelf that now holds my water bottle. One of the many "perks" of pregnancy I guess. And, Camille has learned to do flips. She loves flipping. I'm not the biggest fan of it personally. When she goes into flip mode, it's obvious that she thumps the bladder via the flip which was not very convenient when driving home from my sister's this weekend. I don't like stopping on trips like that, I prefer to just drive on through. Which I did despite my screaming bladder. I just pulled the seat belt a little tighter. I don't know, somehow it helped. Our other new exciting pregnancy symptom: Indigestion. Now, I'm not talking a wimpy little bout of indigestion that 3 Tums will take away. I'm talking, sound to sleep, wake up choking from large amounts of gurgling liquids indigestion....see, and you all thought pregnancy was sooo lady like. The exciting part of that is when I wake up chocking I cough so hard that...well, use your imagination. Again, sooo lady like. Pregnancy as a whole I've learned can be the most disgusting thing a woman will ever experience. I've gotten to a point that now, I don't even move to the couch to prop myself up in attempts to direct the indigestion back down. I just grab my pillows, and just force myself to sleep through it...choking and all.

Now, while I've been busy with all of the activities above, I have not busy with the important things, like this. I have 17 weeks to get all of this stuff together. I do have the crib though, but without the poles to hold up the cage part. So, that can't even be put together right now. It'll have to wait until next week when my sister comes to visit. Which also means that that big pile of junk you see in the picture above will be needing a new home unless my nephew and nieces don't mind sleeping on top of boxes. But the one thing I have had a chance to do is shop for Camille. That's easy. I can do that while at work! She might not have a pristine room or a crib that's completely assembled, but she will have a nice wardrobe. In my defense, all the clothes you do see in the picture? I didn't buy all of that. Thanks to biology, I have 2 nieces and a sister who saved all of the girls clothes for me (well, technically I have 4 nieces and 2 sisters but the other sister didn't save anything for me, another post for another time). We went through all her stuff this weekend, that's is only 2 of the 4 boxes in 3/6 and 6/9 months. But will that stop me from shopping for my first born? Of course not, if we're going live here in Antarctica I can't let her turn into a Woodchuck, now can I?

***by saying I don't want her to turn into a Woodchuck I am not implying that everyone here is a Woodchuck. My dear close friends I don't consider Woodchucks, I promise, because if I did I would tell you, really. I do however call everyone else, except the certain people who live here and have been given access to this site, a Woodchuck. Disclaimer over and out!

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