Tuesday, March 08, 2005

And then there were 3 three

Yes, the picture is very blurry, but it's only fair...remember, we're in this together dear internet and the results weren't crystal clear for me either. Thank goodness I was im'ing during work today because if I wasn't I would have never chatted with my precious friend who, like me, received a faint line on her pee stick one year back. But unlike me, she stuck around long enough to notice. Me? I saw one line within 60 seconds on Monday and threw the sucker in the trash can. So out of curiousity this evening I went back to the test that was sitting nicely on the top of the wastebasket. And there lightly it sat with 2 lines! After a run out to CVS I purchased a 3 pack of EPT's and arrived home, full bladder and retested. There, slowly but surely the - turned to + and there it was. Yes dear internet....I am pregnant!! Holy Smokes, it worked!

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