Thursday, February 24, 2005

Special Pieces of Paper

Now, I promise this post is not going to be just a another venting fest, but, I just gotta point out the obvious. I work with a bunch of idiots...truely the most superficial group of idiots. And well yes, by saying that I am sure I sound extremely anti-social and narccistic. I guess I am. They are right about their accurate diagnosis. But did they ever stop to think that just maybe they bring out the worst in people? And let me just pose some rhetorical questions in the form of a rhetorical letter:

Dear Stupid Social Worker**,

I ask, why do you think that because you have a special piece of paper that basically an upgrade from coach to first class that your pedestal is shinier than all others? Yes, I do realize that you paid extra money for that but really, it doesn't mean that you are smarter than anyone else, it just means you had extra money to go the extra mile. And, really, any piece of paper, big or small, just says that you know how to think. That's it. But, if it means that you do know everything does that mean that I need to go get that special bigger piece of paper to become a mommy? Just wondering because the way you enjoy passively degrading others with smaller pieces of paper makes me think that only people with a special bigger piece of paper are the only ones capable of solving lifes problems! Get off your high horse deary..the person ringing you up at Wal-Mart just might have a higher IQ than you but just didn't have enough money to get that special piece of paper!

The End.

Ahh...that feels much much better.

It's amazing what happens when you just unload stuff sometimes. Okay, but, it's all going to be just fine now. See, I leave tomorrow. I get to walk out of that roach infested reality of mine for sunnier pastures. I am packed and all ready to go. Now I just need a pilot with another special piece of paper (who does deserve a pedestal) to get me to my Oasis. I really don't care if it rains and pours because I will be out of Antarctica and enjoying life with my best friend. And don't you worry my patient viewing audience, there will be pictures. A lot of freakin pictures. And I will post at least one pretty one a day. And that is a promise that even a person with a smaller piece of paper can make!

**it should automatically be assumed that during my daily slander of my employment/co-workers that there is one that is exempt from this classification. You know who you are and you better had left me some sun in Florida!

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