Saturday, August 07, 2004

As much as I want to start a family, today is just one of those days when I am glad that it is just Derek and me. I woke up this morning feeling so sick and am just enjoying lounging around! Last night was a lot of fun, expensive, but quite delicious. We went to the Japanese restaurant and ate at a Hibachi Table, so much fun, and had amazing Sushi. It was nice to get out after 2 days of being confined at home. Ofcourse, I am paying back all that excitement with a mild temperature today and the body aches! I guess my weekend won't be as exciting as I anticipated. But, in the meantime, my friend Bari sent me this link from her friend Audra's blog, very cute. It is a game called "Throw Rocks at Boys" very silly but quite addicting, I have only made it to level 3 ~ be sure to turn your speakers on. Now, don't be offended anyone, it is just a game, not a message that boys are bad and we should go pick up a rock and through it at every boy we see! So, I don't expect poison pen letters on this one! Have fun and think of sick little me!

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