Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Caught Up

Two months back, while I was busy ignoring this site for various reasons that will only bore the majority of you, I won an award, a blogging award at that. The sweet and talented sunShine bestowed my site with a Nice Matters Award because she thinks I'm nice, and I think I'm nice to so I'm definitely not going to disagree with her. Of course, it hasn't been very nice of me to not mention it here or continue with Nice Award by giving to 5 other bloggers. And since it's NaBloMoPo season, it couldn't be a better time.

So, who do I think is nice?

In no particular order:

Heels: I love her. She's funny and witty and I think her son is edible, he is that cute Enough said.

Kristi (Interrupted Wanderlust): I snagged her Peppermint Bark Recipe last Christmas and staple in my diet. I will now always adore her.

Shooters Station: Now, we both are sporadic commenter's on each others site, but she's a gem here in the blogging world.

Becci (Bedrest and Beyond): If we were twins, she'd be the nicer one. Really, I don't think the girl has a mean bone in her body.

FFG: She married into my family, the poor thing is so brave. And also, I had to find a way to incorporate this adorable picture of the two of us into this site somehow!

**For now, I'm not linking because there is this nagging little sign on the top of my screen from our friends here at Blogger informing me that there will be a scheduled outage in exactly 12 minutes and darnit to heck, I'm all caught up with my posts here and I'll be darned if I fall of track. Look at it as a little brain teaser as you search through my link list for the awardee's.

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