Monday, May 14, 2007

Come Winter

Man, what the heck were you guys doing this winter? I mean, yes, it was also a crappy Spring at first and the weather was a bit chilly, but wow, everywhere I look everyone is pregnant.

But me.

This isn't one of those super clever announcement posts, no no no, this is one of those:

"Waaaaaah, I want to be pregnant post".

But the humor in that statement is that I know deep down inside that I really don't want to be pregnant now but yet I still find myself insanely jealous and SO shouldn't be because all the people I know who are pregnant, totally deserve to be. D keeps kindly reminding me that if I was pregnant right now, I would be due smack in the middle of winter.


Do you guys remember how I get during the smack middle of winter? Apparently my memory is quite short because in my mind I think "Oh, it's not that bad" which D promptly responds "Oh yes, you are that bad". Bah Humbug on him.

But the thought of having a newborn and a 2 year old while being stuck inside because the weather is so cold it doesn't even register on the thermometer, it's terrifying people. I don't call it the frozen tundra for nothing.

I guess deep down inside I worry that I won't be as blessed as we were with Camille. Her pregnancy, and the pregnancy before that which I miscarried, came so easily but I'm older now. Not old in any way, but older and I worry. It's ridiculous, I know. There is absolutely no medical reason for me to be concerned, but I am.

I guess my point is that regardless of when a baby would be due, I just want to put my fears to rest and find if luck strikes twice, even if luck does come in winter.

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