Thursday, March 02, 2006


I've gone and done something that some of you might not like, well, or might not even care about but nonetheless, I'm going to tell you anyway, after I first explain what led me to do it.

As you all know, because I've said it over and over again, I was never and have never been Ms. Popular. I've been this way since elementary school and stayed that way through high school, where it really did count. My less than popular state from high school and beyond was more of a personal choice than a forced position in life. I never liked the popular kids. They always thought more of themselves then they should have and once you got to know them, there wasn't anything special there. But more than anything, they went around and made the less than cool kids feel inferior to them. I attended a private high school after my ninth grade year hoping to escape this vicious cycle. I assumed if I went to a school where people actually wanted to learn I wouldn't be face with so much of the superficial. Obviously I was wrong and even in a class of 27 (yes, 27, that is not a typo) the snitty snuck up girls somehow found their way in. The stranger thing was, this was a even worse strand of popular because they also had the "Christian of the year award" dangling from their necks which made them feel even more superior. I made it a habit not to be a part of their groups and would always befriend the girl that no one would ask to go to lunch with. And as it always goes, those are the people who have actual substance to them. So the point here? I've never liked the popular kids and stay as far away from them as humanly possible.

I've taken certain sites off my link list. I hate to be such so cliche and a lot of the sites that were on my list are also on the list of many many others. Plus? I always like to leave a nice little comment on sites if they've written a post that I find intriguing but they never seem to return the same courtesy. And before you call me childish, I know for a fact that one of my readers out there feels the same way, so blah and off the list they go.

Now, don't go getting upset if you see you're still on my link list and think "So, she's saying I'm not popular hey?" No, what I'm saying is that if your still on my list it's because you either know me in real life and I like you or you always return the same courtesy and I like you. So either way it means I like you, I really do!!

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