Thursday, March 24, 2005

Spilling the beans

Today I am going to commit Blogging hijacking by stealing someone's cool post idea. Of course the fact that I am totally giving this person credit must count as something. But folks, I'm desperate for material these days. Sure, I have plenty to write about: Miscarriages, Trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage and my personal favorite, how much I detest my work environment. But like I mentioned earlier, if I keep that up, you guys will get so bored and leave my site for hopes for greener pastures some place else. What's a girl to do? This morning I decided that I wouldn't write about the 3 hot (depressing) topics in my life right now but rather engage you in another session of Class Participation. I figured since I will be returning to the land of dial up for the next 3 days, and won't be online and unable to check my comments, I would begin a fiery Class Participation like my friend S.J. did (which actually is a great one to participate in during my absence this weekend) but run into hiding protecting myself from the aftermath. It seemed like a great idea, and you all know how much of an instigator I am (if you didn't know that, please review the "100 things you need to know about me before you become my friend" list). While pretending to be working I have been contemplating which topic I should open up for a fiery discussion and just came up with a good one when, I came across a post from one of my favorite sites and thought: "Well, that seems much nicer than what I was going to bore my readers with today". But instead of totally being a blog hijacker I merely will use her idea and twink it to fit my own. It's sorta like the electrical toothbrush. Sure Sonic came out with it first one but Oral B took their idea, redesigned it so that it was just a little different so noone gets sued. I don't want to get sued. Alright, enough with the disclaimer crap.

This months Class Participation's topic is "Your most embarrassing moment" (let's all thank Amalah again for her wittiness).

Me first:

When I worked at Express ions ago, we would get a quarterly discount at their sister stores, one of which being Lane Bryant. Now, I had never been in this store, nor did I ever hear of it until this discount time. So I, being the shopper I am go into Lane Bryant and found the most adorable pair of pants. The smallest size I see them in is a 14, which really annoys me so I move onto the next item which also comes in only a 14. Finally after much frustration I ask the sales girl if the item comes in a size 10. She looks at me with absolute disgust as if I just asked her if she was really a female. But then, as if the blinders had been removed from my eyes, I noticed that I was getting this look from each and every employee and when I came to think about it, they had been gazing at me with hate the entire time. Then it dawned on me: Lane Bryant is a plus size store, I get it now....and with that I ran as fast as I could before they attacked me with their size 24 pants.

Then End.

Okay, it's your turn...I expect when I return to the land of internet on Sunday to see participation here people!

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