Friday, January 07, 2005

My week in a Nutshell

This was a fabulous week. A week that even with a irritating cough and swollen glands turned into a week of pure bliss. How, you may ask? How can the girl that is known for complaining and sarcasm actually post about good things? Well, lets count the ways in order of importance:

1 ~ What I thought was a burnt bridge turned out to have gone untouched

For a couple of years now, well a year after I graduated from college, I had tried to get in contact with my first ever college roommate. I never heard anything back from her, so I assumed, with the help of the "grapevine" that she longer wanted to stay in contact with me. Sure, who could blame her...I did have that stint during my Senior year of craziness that would make the best Christian girl shutter. I decided this weekend to stalk just one more time swearing I would leave this poor girl alone if she didn't respond. Well, I am sure you guessed it...she emailed me back AND she is not one bit angry at me. Actually, it's just the opposite..she is just as excited as me to be back in communication. You see, Sarah was one of the best roommates I ever had..she and I had never ever met before and luck was on our side. Ahh Sarah, I love you presh...I am so glad you emailed me back and STILL are responding to my emails! It just totally made my week!

2 ~ Just enough snow to justify closing shop

Now, as many you know, and should if you read the post yesterday...I am actually happy it snowed and I was kinda bummed it stopped. But I was even happier about the snow because I was able to go home early and start my weekend. For those of us who work part-time, Thursday is our Fridays so my weekend began at 2:30 p.m.! Who knows, maybe one day I will actually like living here in the Frozen Tundra.

3 ~ Someone had the courage to stayed married to a ***** for 7 years!

Well, this didn't actually make my week, but it is a great way to finish the work week. Today is Jenn and Tom's 10 year Anniversary. Now, to many of you are reading this going "Ya' so what". But, if you know me then you know my sister Jenn, we are carbon copies, and then you know how difficult it must be for our men to be married to us. I mean heck, my new year's anniversary was to be nicer to my husband. So I am so happy that the 2 of them made it this far and are stronger in their marriage than ever. It gives me hope that oneday I too might become a softy!! I love you guys!!

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