Monday, January 24, 2005

If only I could bottle all this excitement

Okay, fine, the title to this post is really a big fat lie...I have no excitement here to sell to anyone. D and I had a very quiet uneventful weekend. It was so freezing outside that we minimized our outdoor exposure and on Friday night rather than going out to rent a movie we just did the whole InDemand HD thingy and enjoyed a night-in watching "The Terminal". I forced D out of his cocoon Saturday because I sure as heck was not about to freeze alone during the annual Sam's Club want deodorant buddy, you come freeze along with me! And what a great guy he is. After our errands I insisted on going across the street to AC Moore because they were having the most amazing 40% off sale. Of course I took longer than the normal promised 5 minutes as D sat in the car twiddling his fingers and by the time I returned it was a blizzard outside. I kid you not, because you all know how non-sarcastic I am, I went into the craft store ~ clear blue skies ~ I walk out of the craft store ~ Blizzard! So that evening I watched as mounds and mounds of snow cruely piled higher and higher with each passing hour. As I slowly sipped my numerous Martini's I kindly reminded myself that there are only 34 more days until I blow this snow joint goodbye and get me some sun!

Have a great week all....I hope something vaguely exciting happens this week that doesn't require extra work from me but just enough that I can sound cool on the internet once again!

Oh, well, what a I typed this I am realizing that on Wednesday Dad will get his test results back and we will know if these last couple months of aggressive chemotherapy zapped the cancerous sucker in his colon. If it didn't he will need major surgery. Darn, why is my exciting always got to be followed with cancer? Hang on there Daddy, it's gotta be smooth sailing from here!

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