Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I am back in New York after a wonderful couple of days at home. Well, I've been back for 2 days but am finally getting a chance to blog. And yes, I am doing this at work! It has been so busy as of late that I have to use it as a time for a quick break! My weekend was just fabulous! I arrived in BWI around 9'ish Thursday evening to nice warm D.C. humidity ~ most complain profusely about it, but for me I welcome the warmth. Mom came and picked me up and we enjoyed the 1 hour drive to Northern Va chit chatting and catching up. I didn't actually get to the house until 10:30 pm where my oldest sister Jenn was awake waiting for us. It was great, Jenn and I stayed up until 2:30 am having much needed girl talk. Wow! I am still learning to show people the other side of me, you know, not just the "My life is going perfectly smooth" side but also the "I am really struggling here" side. I am always pleasantly reminded that if I just open up I would learn that others have been in my shoes and won't see me as weak. It turns out that everything that I am dealing with in my still new marriage, Jenn has experienced and learned how to move beyond. And, of course, I must remember that just because you go to someone with a major issue, they are not going to assume that you are in some downward spiral in your life, but rather (surprise, suprise) that you are in a confusing season! I guess I have always wanted to be the one that no one has to worry about so I have learned to paint this picture of serenity when in reality I am usually about to "burst my buds of calms, and blossoms into hysteria"! Thanks Jenn!

Friday was very relaxing, Jenn and I woke up late and Mom enjoyed being Grandmama for the morning! Against Jenn and Mom's will, we all sat at the kitchen table and just talked and talked. This makes both of them extremely uncomfortable ~ they both have this fixation that you MUST always be accomplishing something. Well, we were accomplishing something, spending time with family! Later that afternoon the zoo began, first with Tom flying in for the weekend, then the arrival of the Smith family. We always joke that when all the kids are together that it looks like daycare ~ but with "un-institutionalized" kids! Later that evening we sat down to a scrumptious dinner made by my Mom who is honestly the best cook I have ever known. The whole evening was great, all about the Family.

Saturday turned out to be a winner also! Our Cameron Run (a.k.a. the July Jubilee) tradition was almost broken by the poor weather in July. But, God was smiling down on us and gave us great weather. The day started out cloudy and cool, but the afternoon proved to be a success by the lovely sunburn on my stomach, legs and neck! The kids had a blast and the adults followed right behind. The park was unusually empty which we weren't complaining about, it was much easier to track down 6 kids. That evening my sweet sweet Melissa came over and joined us for dinner and the rest of the typical evening chaos.

Sunday surprisingly turned out to be a successful shopping day for Mom, Liz and I. Jenn and her crew left around noon to return to Cleveland ~ only an hour later did she track us down shopping already! Macy's had a terrific clearance sale ~ 6.99 specials plus 15% off with Mom's Credit Card (we have to pay her back, of course). Ahh, it's what us girls do best together.

By Monday, Mom was able to ship out the Smith Crew and then there were two! Well, as if we didn't do enough shopping Sunday, Mom and I headed to the other side of town, Woodbridge, and picked through the clearance racks at Nordstrom Rack only after cleaning up the house after the hurricane of people!

It is always the hardest part of my trips, the day I know I have to say goodbye. I count down the hours all day of how much longer I have to be home. I get this horrible knot in my stomach as we drive to the airport and I check in. But, Mom and I are becoming quite seasoned on doing this. She always walks me in, brings me to security and we make small talk just trying to avoid the inevitable. But, the time slowly creeps up on us and we both just fight back the tears, hug and plan the next time we can be together again. By the time I am through security, my mind is relaxed, the hard part is over, and I begin to mentally return to my life here in New York. Knowing that on the other end of security, there is a man waiting for me who loves me more than life itself. How ironic is that ~ two sides of security, literally and figuratively! I love my life though, but do miss my mom knowing that Jesus loves her more than I do so I know she will alright. He will provide a life for her and provide her joy while her babies are gone and bring us all back together again.

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